Dear Emergency First Responders,

Dear Emergency Medical Responder’s,

We wish to take the time to thank you for everything you do and all the people you help. Working in such extreme environments can be stressful and very dangerous. You are very special people!

  • Putting your life on the line once is pretty tough, how about everyday?
  • Rushing out to help someone without prejudice, an act of true kindness
  • Showing your bravery and fearlessness by facing difficult challenges
  • Working for the greater good of people; giving unselfishly to help others
  • Thanks for risking your own safety and comfort in making others’ lives a priority
  • Long hours at work is tough, especially when you’re always needed, though not always appreciated
  • How often does one do something to the benefit of others without expectation?
  • Tragic situations can be difficult to bear, we are all thankful that you are there
  • Thank you for keeping those who are dear to our hearts around for another day, so that we may realize how much they truly mean to us
  • Would I have what it takes to be successful in your profession? It takes a strong and determined person to make that kind of unselfish commitment. God has blessed you
  • We also realize that life is filled with challenges for all of us, and by no means do we say that anyone has it better or worse than others. We’re just saying ‘Thanks for being you.’

Author: Unknown