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Add a bread bowl to any entree salad for $1.19!

BBQ Chicken Caesar SaladEach $10.95
romaine lettuce, chicken breast strips in a hickory BBQ sauce, Caesar dressing, red bell peppers, red onions
Cajun Chicken Caesar SaladEach $10.95
romaine lettuce, spicy blend of hot sauce, parmesan and chicken breast strips, Caesar dressing, red bell peppers, chives
Donair SaladEach $10.95
romaine lettuce, Sweet sauce, donair beef strips, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onion on the side
Greek Chicken CucumberEach $10.95
romaine lettuce, Oil & Vinegar dressing, chicken breast strips, cucumbers, tomatoes, Red Onions, oregano
Mediterranean SaladEach $10.95
Romaine lettuce, Grape tomatoes, cucumber, Red pepper, feta, black olives, red onion, oil & vinegar
Mexicali SaladEach $10.95
romaine lettuce, mexicali chicken, Salsa Rosa dressing, sweet corn, black beans, diced tomatoes, nacho chips

Side Salad

Side Caesar SaladEach $5.95
romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, smoked bacon, grated parmesan
Side Garden SaladEach $5.95
romaine lettuce, cucumbers, fresh baby carrots, grape tomatoes, ranch dressing on the side.
Side Greek SaladEach $5.95
black olives, cucumbers, green bell peppers, romaine lettuce, tangy feta, red onions, diced tomatoes, oil & vinegar dressing
Side Mexicali SaladEach $5.95
romaine lettuce, Salsa Rosa dressing, diced tomatoes, mexicali chicken, sweet corn, black beans, nacho chips
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